Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Ok here's the deal: tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  Tomorrow is the day kindergartners talk about the Pilgrims and Squanto.  Maybe have a Pilgrim party where they pretend they are about the Mayflower.  Tomorrow is the day 95% of American families will devour a prepared turkey.  Tomorrow is the transition from Halloween to Christmas.  Tomorrow is the 25th of November, the 25th of November? I feel like my rant on "October didn't even happen.  November? Time... time goes...." was just yesterday.  Now it's more like "November didn't even happen.  December? Time... time goes...."  Increíble.

So, that said, I'm at home.  I am at home in Simi Valley, California and it's a straight up party.  Seriously.  I got my eyes checked at the optometrist this morning and I'm going to the doctor's office in a few days.  That's what happens when you go home, get your annual checkups COMPLETED.  At least I don't have to go to the dentist.

I don't have much to speak on today.  I's something...relaxation is a beautiful thing.  It can be synonymous with boredom, relaxation can cause boredom, boredom can cause relaxation.  I'm not talking about boredom/relaxation confusing madness.  I'm talking about run-yourself-dry-with-a-bajillion-things-for-the-last-month-and-now-it's-time-to-relax relaxation.'s wonderful.  To simply sit. Sit. Sit.  And breathe. Breathe. Breathe.  And when this relax/sit/breathing turns into boredom, that is the cue to begin once again.  Alas, I do not think it will reach the boredom step.

Here's something else.  I recently created an art video for my 4D design class.  It took me majorly by surprise, the concept of an art video is completely different from the concept of film major video.  It's hard to explain, I would say ask me in person about it, but I don't even know if I could explain it in person.  Fact is, I was taken aback by the differences between the two "types" of film, this project turned out to be quite a lot of fun and I think it can definitely be classified as an art video.  In this sense, the video is succesfful.  Nevertheless, here it is:


Pretty strange, huh?  Intrigued.

In other news, last week, my floor had our GYRAD.  This stands for "get your roommate a date."  I'm not going to go into the details, let's just say the preparation for this event was absolutely OUT OF CONTROL.  Anybody who knows the situation is probably, hopefully, probably not laughing right now.  Here's the completed product: my floor, the Stewart Armory, hosted a Nacho Libre themed gyrad, we packed up our gear, hauled all of us to Huntington Beach and proceeded to play pin the tail on the donkey, bust open the piñata of a donkey that we pinned the tail on, and then cook magnificent marinated meat over one of those sketchy fire pits in the sand.  Fast forward through the chill time on the beach, getting perhaps too close to the water, etc.  We then cruised back to Biola and feasted our eyes upon the film that is Nacho Libre.  We did not eat toast.  Here's what I looked like.

It was a good time.  Thank you Ms. Danielle Erickson, Mr. Kenny Becker, and Ms. Megan Vesevick for accompanying me in my vehicle and throughout the night.  Armory GYRAD Fall 2010=success.

I have one video for you.  You may have heard of Conan O'Brien.  You may have heard he has a new show, CONAN.  You may have heard of Reggie Watts.  You may have heard Reggie Watts appeared on CONAN.  You may have heard that Reggie Watts, who appeared on CONAN, put on a killer show. 

PRO.  I sat in disbelief throughout this entire performance.  I still don't even begin to understand it.  Brilliant.

That's the post, folks.  Another edition.  It's Wednesday.  It might not be Wednesday when you read this.  It might be next Wednesday when you read this.  I have no way of knowing, only you, humble reader, know when you read what you read.  What a concept.

Have an eventful Thanksgiving and don't forget to give thanks.

I'm thankful for all of life, everything single thing about it: good and bad, boring and exciting, controversial and breezy, physical and non-physical, peanut butter and jelly, thought and action, Calvinism and Arminianism, them, you, us.

Thank you.

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